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The psychological condition Derealisation is best described as a subjective episode relating specifically to a person's perception of the world around them. It often causes those suffering from the condition to regard their surroundings as unreal, distant and distorted or in some way falsified. It is theorised that Derealisation may affect everyone at least once in their lifetime, with a low percentage of the population possibly experiencing symptoms on a more serious and sustained level. 

The idea for this piece came in the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic which isolated and fundamentally changed so many people's lives forever. The constant cycle of negative news and the strict social distancing measures combined to create a dissociative, mass-malaise. This in turn left many feeling disconnected from their everyday lives and the people around them - including members of our own team here at Panoply. This film sets out to be a visual exploration of this phenomena.

For this project I was working as part of the in-house team at Panoply. I worked on various parts and tasks.
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